There are three options for families seeking financial assistance:

Consulate scholarships

Only French citizens are eligible: low-income families can receive a grant for their child. Application and renewal forms are available at the Consulate General of France in Cape Town  ( Consulat général de France à Cape Town)

You can make an appointment by calling + 27 (0) 21 423 15 45.

2 committees are convened during the year:

  • In April for the regular board deciding on the claims for the coming school year. File to be constituted from the month of February
  • In September/October for late applications.

Fund for South African Bursaries (HDI Fund)

When the Sea Point campus was inaugurated in 2014, our school committed itself to welcoming South African bursaries from disadvantaged backgrounds. In September 2019, we welcomed its 3rd South-African bursary learner in the pre-primary school. These learners are fully exempt from school fees for the entire duration of their schooling, which represents a financial commitment of R 192 600 per year (for 3 learners).

The Management board introduced in 2019 the possibility for families to make donations to our special fund or to sponsor a bursary child by contributing R150 per month (that is R 1,500 per school year). 14 families contributed this way to our bursaries scholarships, which represents all together R 19,200.

‘My School’ Solidarity fund

Our school has a “Solidarity Fund” which received its funds through donations and through the Woolworth loyalty programme “MySchool Card”. This programme is completely free of charge for the families and allows our school  to receive 1% of the amount purchased by participating families. In 2019, our school received R11 600 of direct donations and R 11 818 (an average of 1,313 per month) through the My School Programme between January and September 2019.

The solidarity fund is used to help families experiencing temporary financial problems, without any criteria of nationality. It is usually used to contribute towards school fees and to help finance unforeseen expenses, such as exams, school trips or speech therapy.

You can obtain your My School Card online http://www.myschool.co.za/get-your-card-here/myschool-app and select our school ” François Le Vaillant French School” as a beneficiary.