The Cape Town French School


Primary School

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High School

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Kings road

Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005

South Africa

101 Hope Street

Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

South Africa

Eduka 2

High School (“Lycée”)

An internationally recognised diploma: the French Baccalauréat

Our High School learners (“Seconde” to “Terminale” = Grade 10 to 12) prepare for the internationally recognised French “Baccalaureat” exam.

The “Seconde” (Grade 10) provides a common general knowledge to students, while allowing the discovery of new domains in Literature, Economics and Social Sciences,Science and Technology.

The “Première” (Grade 11) and “Terminale” (Grade 12) allow for specialisation in a specific stream (Literature, Social Sciences & Economics, or Sciences) while still retaining general subjects that lead to the “Baccalauréat” examination.

In “Seconde” our learners are taught directly by accredited teachers, as in Primary and Middle School. In “Premiere” and “Terminale”, our learners are still enrolled with the CNED until 2019. In the near future they will also be taught directly: we have applied for the necessary accreditations and they are being processed.

The CNED (National Centre for Distance Learning), is a public institution under the supervision of the French Ministry of Education. Teaching materials are well prepared and sent to the school by the CNED. The learners’ assignments are sent back to the CNED for marking. These students still have a normal school day with our teachers and in classes, following a normal timetable and strict deadlines. But some of their assignments go to CNED. To best prepare our students for the “Baccalauréat” examination, they are given time-limited assignments on a regular basis. They are also given the opportunity to sit mock “Baccalauréat”exams.