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South Africa

Languages at the French School

In France learners traditionally choose a first foreign language (“Langue Vivante 1” or “LV1”) when starting Middle School, in “Sixieme” (Grade 6).

When starting “Quatrième” (Grade 8), they choose a second foreign language (“LV2”).

Some Middle Schools offer “international sections”, which allow “Sixième” learners to continue learning a foreign language started in Primary School while starting to learn a second foreign language.


Cape Town French School offers such an “international section”.

From Pre-Primary School to the end of Primary School (CM2 /Grade 5), our learners follow the Cambridge English Programme.  As of September 2018, the learners in Middle School (starting Grade 6) will have 4 hours of English Literature, as well as two out of four hours of History and Geography taught in English per week.

In parallel, the learners begin studying a new foreign language. Our school offers either Spanish or German as foreign languages, taught three hours per week.

Throughout their education, our learners have the opportunity to sit exams for international certifications on our school premises in all the languages they are studying:

◦       Cambridge certificates for English (cf. Cambridge English)

◦       Cervantes Certificate for Spanish

◦       Goethe Institute Certificate for German

◦       CIEP certifications for French (cf.