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SALT kids : Created with ❤ for our mini me’s inspiring kids to flourish !
SALT aims to connect kids to their wonderland by the use of creativity and imagination bringing out the star in our children. As the growing years are the foundation for our kids SALT’s evidence based exercise programme is designed to strengthen kids bodies in a functional way, improve posture, relieve tightness, develop body, mind and emotional awareness and in that way release stress .

With the increasing demands on kids today , SALT helps children self discover new body skills which naturally builds their confidence.

The exercises are fun, safe and are done with the use of the SALT hammock and handles which takes kids out of the ordinary and into a space that teaches them to use their core, increase their flexibility and move in a
functional way where the only weight they use is their own body .

As we all know stress can either be bad or good depending on how we interpret it and how we work with it . For this reason, 5 -10 minutes of the class is dedicated to meditation in the hammock (their cocoon) where kids connect to their safe space . There they learn to breathe, relax, let go of the pressures that inhibit growth and help them discover their wings.

Benefits :
Learn how to use your muscles
Improved Posture
Build upper body strength
Learn spatial awareness skills
Increased flexibility
Develop body awareness
Develop core strength
Release day to day stress
See life from new perspectives
Develop a fun and explorative perspective
Develop creativity

Children have energy that needs to be released through movement, imaginations that need to be explored and minds that through cultivation can be steered to improved focus .
SALT inspires these aspects in our children.
Created with love to make every child’s living experience a beautiful one.