The French School of Cape Town is an extraordinary community. It offers the very best international exposure in a nurturing, learning environment, offering a first-class education for children age 2-18.

We are a private school, run by a formal association of parents, supported by the French Government. Our internationally recognised qualifications give access to the best schools and universities in the world.

Situated across two campuses on the Atlantic seaboard and in Cape Town, the school’s syllabus is run under the auspices of AEFE, the world’s largest network of schools with a single curriculum in 540 schools across 139 countries. This provides a seamless, stress-free process throughout the world for mobile families too.

We have over 350 students, across more than 30 nationalities. About half our students are from the EU, with the balance from South Africa, the rest of Africa and the Middle East. This means your child is educated in a strongly international environment, with all the benefits that this brings to social and cultural development.

There are few better choices for your child if you are looking for an excellent European education. We have two internationally recognized diplomas – the French baccalauréat and the Cambridge International examination, both of which open the doors to study at all international universities.

At High School, students also study German or Spanish and receive international certification for their language exams (Goethe diploma and Spanish Dele certificate).

We follow the Singapore Maths method, one of the most demanding and dynamic in the world.

We are fortunate to have an excellent, highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff who use demanding, state-of-the-art creative teaching methods. Academic and other field trips, special artistic events, and participation in international competitions are organised by a very dynamic team of professors.

Best of all, your child does not have to speak French, up to the age of 15. We offer bridge learning for non-French speaking children so that they can adjust quickly.

We are a co-ed, private school which seeks to develop the whole child. Attending the French School of Cape Town is one of the best opportunities you could give to your children.

It is an honour to serve as the School’s President, on a board of strongly committed, professional and energetic parents.