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Eduka 2

Primary School

Cycle II: CP, CE1 and CE2 (Grades 1 to 3)

In Cycle II, children consolidate their knowledge by learning how to read and write, by discovering the world, and by familiarising themselves with Mathematics. They will also have their first projects in Science and History in order to awaken them to the world around them.

Cycle II is organised around seven key areas:

  1. Mastery of the French language: dialogue, learning how to read and write
  2. Living Together: learning the rules of life, discipline
  3. Mathematics: discovering numbers, calculations, basic geometry, measurements, and dimensions
  4. Discovering the World
  5. Foreign languages ​​- Cambridge International Primary Program
  6. Arts: drawing, singing, visual arts, crafts
  7. Physical Education and Sports

The core curriculum is complemented by seven hours of English classes from the Cambridge International Primary Program. Learners joining the Cape Town French School during the course of the year will be placed into groups according to their level of English: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

In Cycle II and III, only children who already speak French can join the Cape Town French School. Children arriving from another French school, from France or from the AEFE network, are not subject to testing upon arrival at the Cape Town French School. However, students arriving from another school system must complete entrance tests so that they can be assigned to the class that best corresponds to their level of French.

The official curriculum of the French Ministry of Education for Cycle II can be found here. (in french)

Cycle III: CM1, CM2, 6ème (Grades 4 to 6)

Cycle III learners will continue to acquire a certain mastery of the French language as well as the principals of mathematics. Their knowledge is extended to digital tools (computer science B2I Level 1, validating their computer and internet skills), Literature, Geography, Art, Technology and Sport. During this cycle, children gain in autonomy and confidence.

The subjects taught in this cycle are a continuation of Cycle II. For example, Living Together becomes Civic Education.

The key areas are:

  1. Mastery of the French language: oral and written communication skills
  2. Civic Education: participating in the life of the school, opening to the world
  3. Literature: children’s literature, reading, writing
  4. Reflective observation of the French language: grammar, conjugation, spelling, vocabulary
  5. Foreign language: listening, speaking, reading, understanding and deepening of the knowledge acquired so far
  6. History: from pre-history to the present: the great eras and the important facts
  7. Geography: views of the world, Europe, France and an introduction to France’s position in globalisation
  8. Mathematics: mental arithmetic, fractions, space and geometry, angles, sizes and measurements
  9. Experimental Sciences and Technology: matter, the living world, the environment, hygiene and health, energy, the earth and sky, the world built by man, information technology
  10. Visual Arts: drawing
  11. Musical Education: singing, music
  12. Physical Education and Sports

In CM2 (Grade 5) our primary school learners familiarise themselves with and prepare for their future Middle School years, which will start the following year, and when they will change campus and have a different teacher for each subject taught.
For more information, the official curriculum for Cycle III is here.
The Act of July 8, 2013 for the restructuring of the school system of the French Republic, established a new common base of knowledge, skills and culture.  To learn more, click here.