The Cape Town French School


Primary School

+27 (0)21 434 12 78

High School

+ 27 (0)21 461 25 08

Kings road

Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005

South Africa

101 Hope Street

Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

South Africa

Eduka 2

School year calendar

School year calendar 2019-2020:

The French school calendar is divided into 3 main terms with some shorter breaks in between:

1st Term: from 3rd September 2019 to 29th November 2019

2nd Term: from 2nd December 2019 to 27th of March 2020

3rd Term: from 30th of March to 2nd of July 2020



October holidays: Friday 18th October after class – Wednesday 30th October 2019 in the morning

Christmas holidays: Friday 13th December after class – Monday 6th January 2020 in the morning

February holidays: Friday 21st February after class – Monday 9th March 2020 in the morning

Easter weekend: Thursday 9th April after class – Tuesday 14th April 2020 in the morning

April holidays: Friday 24th April after class – Wednesday 6th May 2020 in the morning

Youth Day Weekend: Friday 12th June after class – Wednesday 17th June 2020 in the morning


Public holidays:

Tuesday 24th September 2019


End of the year holidays:

School closes Thursday 2nd of July 2020 after class