The Cape Town French School


Primary School

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High School

+ 27 (0)21 461 25 08

Kings road

Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005

South Africa

101 Hope Street

Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

South Africa

Eduka 2


How our school is managed

The Cape Town French School is an Independent Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that complies with South African operating rules. There are two governing bodies in the school:

  • The Management Committee in compliance with South African law and the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).
  • The School Committee with the assistance of AEFE.

The Management Committee

Members of the Management Committee are elected by the parents at one of the biannual General Meetings of the Association of Parents (APEC). The Management Committee represents parents and manages the school on their behalf. Members are volunteers who devote their time and energy to the school management. The Management Committee members meet formally once a month.

Download the english version of the statutes of the APEC here.

Download the french version of the statutes of the APEC here.

Contact the Management Committee members at this email address:

The main responsibilities of the Management Committee are to:

  • Define and implement a school strategy
  • Plan and budget for developments in infrastructure, equipment and human resources issues
  • Ensure the school’s operating environment meets requirements and is in compliance with safety rules
  • Ensure proper maintenance of the school’s infrastructure and improvements to the school’s environment
  • Manage financial matters: school fees; identify other sources of income (rentals, sponsorship etc); payments; cash management; staff salaries and benefits; capital and auditing
  • Investigate and respond to proposals made by the school directorate, teachers and administrative staff
  • Define and implement the school’s communication strategy

Members elected for 2019-2020

President Veronika dos Reis Arsenio
Vice President Anne-Sophie Cussatlegras
Treasurer Vincent Lefebvre
Vice Treasurer Steven Ellis
Secretary Maïlien Birene
Elected Member Claire Donnat
Elected Member Sonia Hannebicque
Elected Member Nader Shenouda
Elected Member François de Sornay

Representative Members

General Consul of France in Cape Town Laurent Amar
Cultural and Cooperation Attaché Marie Traisnel
Counsellor for the French Community Fabrice Orengo de Lamazière
Headmistress Yannick Ledonné
Director of the Primary school Olivia Ashby
Deputy Headmistress and Education Advisor at the High school Anne Fricot
Teacher’s Representative, High School Marco Vanrenterghem
Teacher’s Representative, Primary School Céline Gimenez

The Management Committee organises its work in subcommittees.

Parents, represented by the Management Committee, are strongly encouraged to participate in the sub-committees. Volunteers are always needed!

The School Committee ("Conseil d'Établissement")

It is composed of 2 authorities:

  1. The School Council represents only the primary school and holds quarterly meetings, discussing all aspects of school life. It is composed of:
    • One parent representative (class representative) for each class (see list below)
    • All the primary school teachers (TPS to CM2)
    • The Headmistress
  2. The Internal Committee represents the whole institution from pre-primary to secondary and is responsible for all the aspects of education, in accordance with the AEFE standards and the Management Committee’s budgetary framework. It acts as a consultant on all aspects of school life, such as:
    • Proposals for structural change, class composition, educational innovations.
    • The activities proposed at the school
    • The operating of school life, hygiene, health, canteen, safety and any necessary improvement regarding those points
    • The use of financial resources allocated in the budget

Class representatives in 2019-2020

TPS Laura Mrs Charline HORMANN
PS Patrick Mrs Tiffany CAVE 
MS Sandrine Mr Gareth FORBES
GS Patricia Mrs Aurelie HASTIE
GS Cynthia Mrs Claire BREGAINT
CP Florence Mrs Marie-Caroline VREULS (GERMEAU)
CP Maia Mrs Natalia AWAD
CE1 Laetitia/Audrey Mrs Caroline ARDOUILLE (VAN DER HOFTSTADT)
CE1/CE2 Thomas Mrs Amélie FOURIOT
CE2 Soraya Mrs Anne-Sophie CUSSAT (MONZINI)
CE2/CM1 Myriam Mr Vincent GELLUSSEAU
CM1/CM2 Xavier Mrs Yogina BOUGTAB
CM2 Celine Mrs Claire BOSSARD
6ème (gr. 6) Sonia HANNEBICQUE
5ème (gr. 7) Yoann NICOLAS
4ème (gr. 8) Sonia HANNEBICQUE and Nathalie VOUNCK
3ème (gr. 9) Claire LEFEBVRE
2nde (gr. 10) Vincent GELLUSSEAU and Nathalie VOUNCK
1ère (gr. 11)
Terminale Vincent GELLUSSEAU and Nathalie VOUNCK

The Events Committee

The Events Committee is a group of school parents who meet several times a year to discuss, brainstorm, study and, above all, organise all the events that enlightens the children’s school life and strengthen social moments at school. The objectives of the Events Committee are also:

  • To encourage exchanges and friendly moments between parents / pupils / teachers and staff of the school.
  • To raise funds for the improvement of the educational equipment of the two campuses and the upgrading of our children’s environment.
  • To encourage the opening of our school to its South African environment by organizing and/or participating in various events.
  • Raising funds to finance field trips or school projects

The Events committee team constantly needs help during, before and after the events. Everyone’s goodwill is always welcome for occasional or more regular help. To come and participate, please send us a

Events committee members (2019-2020)

Sonia Hannebicque
Anne-Sophie Cussat-legras
Samantha Bell
Aurélie Hastie
Mailien Birene
Margo Buchanan
Jennifer Wheatley
Vincent Gelusseau
Tiffany Cave