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The Cape Town French School follows the French National Education curriculum, under the supervision of the French Ministry of Education.

Our teachers participate in yearly training seminars organised by the AEFE – Agency for French Education Abroad – and annual visits from inspectors ensure that our school meets the highest standard of excellence.

The French curriculum is organised in cycles of 2 to 4 years, for which key areas of competencies are defined and worked through progressively. Each new cycle consolidates on previously obtained competencies and introduces new ones.

Two internationally recognized National Diplomas sanction the acquisition of these competencies : the “Diplôme National du Brevet” (DNB)) at the end of Middle School (“Troisième” = Grade 9), and the “Baccalauréat” at the end of High School (“Terminale” = Grade 12).

At the Cape Town French School, our learners also follow the Cambridge English Programme from Pre-Primary School onwards. They learn to read and write in English as they learn to read and write in French, and progress in both languages in parallel. Some of their lessons (Physical Education, Music…) are taught directly in English.

While a strong emphasis remains on mastering the French language and following the French curriculum, the Cambridge English Programme brings additional cultural and intellectual dimensions to our learners.

For those who are not familiar with the French education system and classes’ names, please see the comparative chart below:



Starting Age French Education South African Education UK Education US Education International Baccalaureate

(ex. : Hout Bay International)

Ecole Primaire Primary Years Programme
École Maternelle Pre-primary – Foundation phase Early Childhood Development Primary School (Early Years Programme)
2 years old TPS – Toute Petite Section Play school/nursery ECD 1 (=Pre-K) N.A.
3 years old PS – Petite Section Grade 000  (pre-school) Nursery / Foundation ECD 2 (=Pre-K) EY 1
4 years old MS – Moyenne Section Grade 00    (pre-school) Reception ECD 3 (=Pre-K) EY 2
Elementary School Junior Primary (Primary Years Programme)
5 years old GS – Grande Section Grade 0/R  (Reception) Year 1 Grade K2 (= Kindergarten) PYP1
École élémentaire Foundation – Intermediate phase
6 years old CP – Cours Préparatoire Grade 1 Year 2 Grade 1 PYP 2
Senior Primary
7 years old CE1 – Cours élémentaire 1 Grade 2 Year 3 Grade 2 PYP 3
8 years old CE2 – Cours élémentaire 2 Grade 3 Year 4 Grade 3 PYP 4
9 years old CM1 – Cours Moyen 1 Grade 4 Year 5 Grade 4 PYP 5
10 years old CM2 – Cours Moyen 2 Grade 5 Year 6 Grade 5 PYP 6
Enseignement Secondaire:
Collège Intermediate – Senior phase Middle School High School (Middle Years Curriculum)
11 years old Sixième (6ème) Grade 6 Year 7 Grade 6 MYC 1
12 years old Cinquième (5ème) Grade 7 Year 8 Grade 7 MYC 2
13 years old Quatrième (4ème) Grade 8 Year 9 Grade 8 MYC 3
High School High School
14 years old Troisième (3ème)

Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB)

Grade 9 Year 10 Grade 9 IGCSE 1
15 years old Seconde (2nde) Grade 10 Year  11


Grade 10 IGSCE 2


16 years old Première (1ère) Grade 11 Year 12 Grade 11 IBDP 1
17 years old Terminale


Grade 12

Matriculation exemption/

National Senior Certificate

Year 13


Grade 12 IBDP 2

International Baccalaureate