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The Primary School Library is much more than books

We are lucky to have a beautiful library in our Primary School, with all types of books: albums, novels, magazines, documents, comic books, DVDs, CDs, as well as dictionaries and encyclopaedia.

We also have computers, useful for our researches.

We call this wonderful place the “BCD” (“Bibliothèque et Centre de Documentation”) or “Library”!

There, we can:

-Borrow books


-Be in a peaceful place



-Surf the Internet

-Discuss our school assignments

-Play board games during the breaks (including the lunch break) and the after-school care.

There is more to a library than its books.

It is open to all! Come and discover it. We will welcome you with great pleasure:

Monday – Thursday:




During class times our learners visit regularly the library, in half-class groups with our Librarian Chantal for the Primary School learners, or with the assistant(s) or the teacher(s) for the Pre-Primary School learners.


The Middle and High School’s  “Centre de Documentation et d’Information” (CDI) in is a multi-functional space

Just like a library, the “CDI” offers various types of documents: classic novels and novels for young readers, in French, English, Spanish, and in German, documentaries, magazines, theatre, poetry, comics, all of which can be consulted on site or borrowed.

It offers multiple resources, on paper (school books, dictionaries, encyclopaedia) and digital (CD-ROM, DVD, Internet).

The librarian, Anny, guides the learners in their school assignments and advises them on their choice of reading materials.

To provide guidance to the learners, the CDI offers documentations on universities, studies, diplomas, and professions.

There are also board games to relax after a long day.

Everyone can find something to satisfy their curiosity.

The CDI welcomes learners during their breaks, or after classes.

Learners can also visit the CDI with a teacher guiding them in class research. Learners are taught how to research amongst various resources. They learn about the different research tools (books, Internet) and how to synthesize and present information (how to take notes, summarize, prepare a portfolio or a presentation). They learn methodology, gain in independence, develop a critical approach, in order to properly analyse information.

The CDI aims to be a welcoming and comfortable space, where learners develop their autonomy and personal skills, in view of their scholar achievements and shaping them as future citizens.