The Cape Town French School


Primary School

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High School

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South Africa

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South Africa

School Meals


All children from the 3rd year of nursery school (“Moyenne section”) onwards have lunch in the school canteen, sit at the table and are guided and encouraged to have good table manners.

Our pupils have 2 options at lunchtime :

-Lunch from the canteen

-Lunch to take away from home

The school canteen offers three-course meals (including a hot main course) prepared by an external catering service. The menus are approved by a nutritionist and include :

-a starter

-a main dish made up of meat, vegetables and a starchy substance

-a dessert (fruit, dairy product, pastry, etc.)

Students with diabetes or food allergies receive special attention in the context of a P.A.I. – individual care programme upon presentation of a medical certificate issued by an allergist or specialist doctor.

Costs : 

R53 per meal (Pre Primary) / R56 (Primary) / R62 (High school)

Registration at the canteen for midday meals is for a period of seven weeks at a time, between two school holidays. Parents have the possibility to start or end the choice of the canteen meal at the end of each seven-week period. Please note that meals that are not eaten are not reimbursed, except when children participate in school trips and outings. The weekly menus can be found on Notabene for the primary school and on Pronote for the secondary school.

Students who bring their own lunch box also sit at a table with their classmates in the canteen. Please note, however, that meals brought from home cannot be reheated (except for TPS and PS children, i.e. 2 and 3 year olds, who eat in their classrooms).

With respect to snacks, our teachers encourage families to offer their children a fruit for the mid-morning break, a healthy mid-afternoon snack to have after school, and a bottle of water for the day (water fountains are available at the school for refilling).