This year, the career fair hosted by Cape town French school was a tremendous success. Not only because of the time participants or
our students’ energy gave to us but also because of our guest of honor, his excellency Mr Aurélien Lechevallier, Ambassador of France in South Africa. After an inspiring speech addressed to our students, his excellency Mr Aurélien Lechevallier exchanged with them on his role, his experience and career. At his side, many professionals from different fields were able to enlighten and advise our students about their respective professions: doctors, financial directors, journalist, engineers, etc.

Mr Aurélien Lechevallier, Mme Yannick Ledonné and Mme Olivia Ashby

The fulfilled goal of this event was to provide an opportunity for our students to interact with professionals from various backgrounds. These exchanges may have clarified career paths. Inspired by Student Fair set up, the school Hall had been arranged in such a way that each and every professional had a dedicated area where to interact with the students. The students, whom have been anticipating this event, had inquired about the professionals attending, drew up a list of careers pertaining to each professional, and with the help of their teachers, drew up lists of questions they had regarding each career beforehand so that they were prepared to make full use of the opportunity given to them. The amount of effort put in by all the parties involved in setting up the career fair, was equally matched by the enthusiasm displayed by the students.

Thanks to the audience’s enthusiasm and participation, we are really proud of this event and we would like to thank : his excellency Mr Lechevallier, our dedicated students, the knowledgeable professionals who enlightened them, the alumnus who had the kindness to share their experience, the committed staff of the school and to conclude, all guests and visitors present at the fair.

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