On the eve of recovery, we wish to inform you of the work that was done during the school holidays, following our various meetings on the needs and projects of our institution; You will find some photos attached.
Improved computer network:

– Installation of Wifi antennas more suitable for our purposes; they can withstand all the needs of simultaneous connections without loss of speed or intensity

– Installation of a new firewall for improved security and better controls of uses

– Installation of a new server.

– Orders, delivery and preparation of 8 new laptops, more adapted to the needs of the teams and students. A meeting on booking patterns, conservation, protection and insurance of computers will be offered this week to best protect and keep these new acquisitions for long term use.

– Installation of new benches in the science lab, for better use in the experimental sciences; installation is delivered. The metal plates covering the tables will be delivered soon.

Thank you for your participation in these preparations and good recovery to all.

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