Voyage en Namibie

Voyage en Namibie avec la classe de 1ère et les germanophones de la 5ème à la 3ème accompagnés de mesdames Borr et Bibombe.

Semaine des Lycées Français du Monde

Nos élèves se mobilisent pour protéger la planète. Our pupils rally to protect the planet. Pourquoi notre école est-elle fantastique? Les enfants vous expliquent… Why is our school fantastic? Let the children explain…

Offre d’emploi

Le Lycée Français du Cap recherche un enseignant francophone pour l’enseignement de l’ESPAGNOL en Langue Vivante 2. La personne recherchée enseignera 08h30 par semaine aux classes deSixième, Seconde, Première et Terminale. Merci de cliquez ici pour plus d’informations

French Ambassador Visits our School

For more on this topic, please follow the link: On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, the French Ambassador to South Africa, Mr. Aurélien Lechevallier, visited Cape Town for the first time. After meeting the Consul General of France in Cape Town, he then visited the two campuses of our High School and met teachers, members […]

Gold Medal in Karate

Kayla and Tristan Muller, respectively in 4eme and 6eme at the French School of Cape Town had great success at the first Karate Inter-Africa Summit last weekend. Kayla has won the gold medal in Kata (demonstration) and the silver medal in Kumite (combat) Tristan was awarded a gold medal in Kata and a gold medal […]


Clovis and Jade were able to come to our school as part of the ADN AEFE exchange program to follow their schooling in second class for 5 weeks. Previously, Milan and Anouk also had the chance to discover the French Lycee of Madrid and the Lycee Francais of Santiago in Chile. This experience was very […]

Something new at the school

On the eve of recovery, we wish to inform you of the work that was done during the school holidays, following our various meetings on the needs and projects of our institution; You will find some photos attached.Improved computer network: – Installation of Wifi antennas more suitable for our purposes; they can withstand all the […]