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Extramural Activities

Extramural activities enable our learners to develop skills in sports, cultural and recreational activities after school classes.

The Cape Town French School offers a wide array of extramural activities on the school premises, in complement of, or as an alternative to the aftercare. Art, ballet, cooking, music, tennis, soccer, karaté, drama, capoeira and hip hop among others. There are over 20 different sports and artistic activities to choose from, as well as language classes in Portuguese and an English play group. It is a fun, productive way for the learners to extend their school day, especially when their parents are not available to pick them up at 3:15 pm.

The objective of these activities is to stimulate children in areas outside of their compulsory activities in the education system. The high standard of activities offered is within the perimeter of the school grounds and hours.

The teachers’ and coaches’ roles are to develop each child’s potential in a positive and encouraging environment to gain self-confidence by succeeding in another way and in a different setting.

Through team and individual activities, relationships between students are strengthened.

An information meeting takes place in September at the beginning of the school year. Learners register for extramural activities at the beginning of each school year and can reassess their decision after each school period or term (depending on the activity).

For more information on extramural activities, please contact the Primary School reception: or Middle and High School reception: .

Extramural activities available to Pre-Primary and Primary School learners in 2018-2019

  • Acro dance / Creative dance / Fusion dance / Hip hop : From age 3 (in English)
  • Art (graphic & drawing): From age 3 (in French)
  • Ballet: From age 3 (in English)
  • Cooking workshops: From age 3 (bilingual)
  • Capoeira: From age 2 (in English)
  • Drums: From age 6 (in English)
  • Engineering with LEGO : From age 5 (in English)
  • English Playgroup: Ages 2 and 3
  • Introduction to tennis: From age 5 (in English)
  • Judo: From age 4 (in English)
  • Karate: From age 4 (in English)
  • Music: guitar/ukulele/singing/clarinet/cello/saxophone (all ages)
  • Nigel’s Gymnastics : From age 3 (in English)
  • Piano (class group): Ages 3 to 5 (in English)
  • Piano (private lessons): Ages 6 to 11 (in English)
  • Portuguese language: Ages 6 to 11
  • Soccer : From age 3 (in English)
  • Sports Hub : From age 3  (in English)
  • Teddy Tennis: Ages 3-4 (in English)
  • Tennis : From age 5 (in English)
  • Théâtre (Drama FR): From age 6 (in French)
  • Yoga: From age 3 (in English)

Extramural activities available to Middle and High School learners in 2018-2019

  • Ballet
  • Capoeira
  • Fusion Dance
  • Multi-sports
  • Yoga