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South Africa

Holiday Programme

The Cape Town French School organises holiday programmes for the Pre-Primary and Primary Schools on our Sea Point premises. During school vacation the school remains open for one week from 8:15 am until 5 pm for children aged 2 to 10 years old. During the two months vacation in July-August (European summer holidays), this service is available during 4 weeks in July.

The holiday programmes come at an additional cost to the school fees and require a minimum number of participating children. Please register your child(ren) as soon as possible by using the link provided in the school communicator.

A typical vacation day

The school’s dedicated team of coaches and teachers has plenty of activities lined up for the day. The programme has a special focus on creative projects. The children create objects using the papier mâché technique (dinosaurs, rhinos, birds, hats, plates), paint, create objects out of recycled material, work with pearls, plasticine or clay, and even participate in cooking workshops.

The children also have time to play with each other outdoors, or participate in games organised by the team, such as musical chairs and pin the donkey tail. There are many outdoor sports activities, especially soccer games!

To balance out the day, the team ensures that the children also have quiet and calm moments. Some coaches will read stories to the little ones, while the older children will be invited to read by themselves in the library. Occasionally, the children will watch an animated film. The smaller children (TPS and PS) will take a nap after lunch.

Structured activities take place from 8:15 am until 3:30 pm. In the late afternoon until 5 pm, the children can play freely, under adult supervision.

From time to time the school organises cultural visits (to the Kirstenbosch Park, the Planetarium or the Two Oceans Aquarium, for example).

Pam and her team

Pam Paterson is the mother of four children and the grand mother of seven, including one learner at the Cape Town French School. She is in charge of the school’s holiday programmes, with the excellent support of several of our Pre-Primary School assistants.

The adults present are therefore familiar with the children (and vice-versa) and ensure the continuation of the French language immersion during the school holidays.

Pam has always been passionate about creative projects, in particular arts & crafts, which she has taught for many years. She saws, makes patchwork, pottery, painting, cutting and calligraphy – anything which can be handmade! She sees the opportunity to combine her passion with her love of children as a real chance. As a native English-speaking South African, she enjoys coming to the French School where she can strengthen ties with her French origins and practice a bit of French!